Hack The Wind winners work on next steps at EIT InnoEnergy’s workshop

EIT InnoEnergy hack the wind

EDP’s headquarters in Lisbon welcomed the four teams that presented the best solutions to the two challenges

Jungle.ai, Vento, TRM System and Smart Turbine Management, the winners of Hack the Wind, a two-day hackathon organised by EIT InnoEnergy during the Wind Europe Conference in Amsterdam, got together for a workshop to look back on the results of the event and discuss further steps.

Emilien Simonot, EIT InnoEnergy Renewable Energy Technology Officer, said about the event: 'This follow-up workshop, with the winner of Hack The Wind last November, is one more step towards the development of new solutions for the wind energy sector. Together with Hack The Wind 2017 partners, EDP Renewable and ENVISION, we have analyzed further the POCs (Proof of Concept) proposed by the teams.'  

He also added: 'For this workshop, a particularly enriching environment was gathered: technical and business analysts from EIT InnoEnergy, EDPR and Envision have taken part at the workshop that was focused on sharing and exchanging; all in all, great insights for the teams and lots of fresh approaches for the corporates'.

EIT InnoEnergy

Hugo Fanlo, Renewable Energy Performance Analysis, and Ignacio Lainez, Energy Assessment Director from EDP Renewables, presented the fundamentals to understand forecasting in the Wind Energy Sector. António Vidigal, CEO of EDP Innovation challenged the audience to look at the changes in power systems as an opportunity rather than a threat.

During the day, the teams came back on the work delivered during Hack The Wind 2017, presenting the results reached during the two-day work at Amsterdam. The teams also had the opportunity to have individual sessions for technical and business reviews with EDP and EIT InnoEnergy.

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