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Freyr wants to decarbonise transportation and energy systems with clean, high-density, high quality battery cells. Its semi-solid lithium-ion battery technology uses the same materials as a normal lithium-ion battery but is made in fewer steps with more opportunities for recycling.

The battery tech company has been hard at work positioning itself for “giga-scale” production using a Nordic-centred supply chain. It has established relationships with leading stakeholders across the global battery production value chain.

FREYR is now part of a truly exciting emerging battery cell cluster in the Nordics and is very well positioned to support the accelerated transition to a net zero carbon emission economy in Europe. We are eager to see FREYR continue to execute on its exciting plan to develop substantial battery cell production capacity in Norway based on best available battery cell technology solutions powered by Norway’s superior, low cost, 100% renewable energy mix.

Diego Pavia, CEO of EIT InnoEnergy

Partnered with EIT InnoEnergy to spread renewable energy

EIT InnoEnergy enters the stage in June 2019 when it signed an investment and partnership agreement with Freyr to build a 32 GWh battery cell production facility in Rana, Norway.

Freyr’s battery technology contributes to EIT InnoEnergy’s goal of meeting the growing auto, maritime, and industrial demand for green energy. EIT InnoEnergy hopes to co-develop an in-licensing blueprint with Freyr to be used as a reference for other players in the European battery sector to accelerate the transition towards battery-driven sustainable technology.

In April we announced that we were seeking to expand our partnership with EIT InnoEnergy. We are pleased to see this happen shortly afterwards, at a point in time where we experience substantial international interest in green battery cell production in the Nordics. FREYR wants to be a significant part of the Nordic battery cluster and EIT InnoEnergy’s investment is an important enabler for us.

Tom Einar Jensen, CEO of FREYR

Freyr is now a member of the EIT InnoEnergy-led European Battery Alliance, which unites over 800 actors in the European battery manufacturing value chain. Their ultimate goal is make Europe’s battery sector more globally competitive and a foundation for safer and more eco-friendly energy systems.