Deadline ends today: apply now to become a member of the EIT Governing Board

Call for Expressions of Interest to select five new members of the EIT Governing Board

The EIT has launched a Call for expressions of interest for the selection of five members of the EIT Governing Board. The EIT Governing Board is entrusted with providing the strategic leadership of the EIT. The board is independent and autonomous in its decision-making and is responsible for the selection, designation and evaluation of the EIT’s Innovation Communities.

Innovation Communities are a unique type of partnership within European innovation. Innovation Communities develop innovative products and services, foster new businesses, encourage growth and train a new generation of entrepreneurs. They address focused innovation topics and integrate public and private research organisations, innovative industries, higher education institutions, investors, start-ups and spin-offs into networks that combine the diverse competencies needed to make innovation happen.

Application deadline is 29 September 2017

There are currently six Innovation Communities and each focuses on a different societal challenge:

  • EIT Climate-KIC: addressing climate change mitigation and adaptation
  • EIT Digital: addressing Information and Communication Technologies
  • EIT InnoEnergy: addressing sustainable energy
  • EIT Health: addressing healthy living and active ageing
  • EIT Raw Materials: addressing sustainable exploration, extraction, processing, recycling and substitution
  • EIT Food: putting Europe at the centre of a global revolution in food innovation and production

About the Steering Committee

A steering committee will be in charge of identifying a list of potential candidates that will replace four current members whose term of office is coming to an end on 30 June 2018 and one member of the EIT Governing Board who recently resigned. The list of proposed candidates approved by the EIT Governing Board will be submitted to the European Commission in the autumn of 2017 for their nomination in first half of 2018.

The recently set up Steering Committee consists of EIT Governing Board members Bruno Revellin-Falcoz (Chairperson), Elpida Keravnou- Papailiou and Maria Garaña Corces, professionals of the highest competence, providing a balance of expertise and backgrounds.

The Steering Committee will guarantee the independence, legitimacy and credibility of the selection process. The Steering Committee also consists of an alternate member and one observer from the European Commission.

More information on the background of the Steering Committee Members can be found HERE.

More information on the Appointment of the Steering Committee can be found HERE

Application process

The Board consists of 12 members appointed by the European Commission with a view to providing a balanced representation of members with experience in business, higher education, and research.

The selection process for the identification of the five new appointed EIT Governing Board members is now starting with a call for expressions of interest. Following this, the Steering Committee will prepare a shortlist of individuals to be proposed as members of the EIT Governing Board. The Governing Board will transmit the shortlist to the European Commission for the formal appointment of the five new EIT Governing Board members.

The five new members of the Governing Board will be nominated by a European Commission Decision expected in the first half of 2018. In its appointments, the European Commission prioritises a balance between higher education, research, innovation and business environments across the EU as well as a gender and geographical balance, so as to ensure a fair representation of all areas of the EU.

During the selection process, and in accordance with the EIT Regulation, special attention will be paid to the gender and geographical balance of the Governing Board.

More information on the selection process can be found HERE

Download HERE the Call for Expressions of Interest.

Download HERE the Application Form.

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